Doctor Who Goes To The Films

Very Hammer Films
Steven Moffat, in explaining why there won't be any two-parters this series, has said his aim was to make a short film with every episode. So that every Saturday, it was as if you were sitting down to watch a brand new movie, both in scope and (limited) budget. No small stories, is what he's saying.

And to bring home the point all the more, the BBC has released a movie style poster for each episode of this 2012 run. Which also means we have final confirmation on the episode titles for the 4th and 5th shows, The Power of Three, and The Angels Take Manhattan, respectively.

I've already said that this season feels like, instead of making direct references to the show's past, it homaging the past. Dinosaurs, the Wild West, the Angels (and Manhatten, regretably), and Daleks have all been on the show before. No idea about those cubes, though. Have to wait and see.

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Is this a Muppet reference? If it is, I approve.
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