Doctor Who Returns

According to the BBC, it's American cousin, and the Canadian Space channel, the new series of Doctor Who will commence on September the 1st. Startling to think that, with all the adverts and trailers for the new series released of late, that it is only now, less then two weeks away, that the premier date has been officially announced. And it's simulcasting for the entirety of North America with the British (trust me, to Canadians, compared to a few years ago, that is a very big deal)!

The first five episodes will air throughout the month of September, at which point the show will remove itself until Christmas. And speaking of Christmas, if you hit the jump, you can find all new set pictures from the Christmas special, which does indeed appear to be set during the Victorian times (Does this mean two Victorian romps for the Doctor, considering Mark Gatiss' spring episode?). It also pretty much confirms that the new, as of yet officially unnamed companion, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, will be from the past. Which takes some of the sting off of her being yet another young female girl.

Looking rather Eightish

Via Den of Geek, and again.
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