It Still Doesn't Work On Wood

An actual Sonic screwdriver, much like a working phaser, or a tricorder, is one of those things that nerds would love to wake up one morning, and find that some scientist has invented it. And while this product isn't actually sonic, and it's not at all a screwdriver, it still sounds really cool. So, I think the Doctor would approve.

Chris Barnardo and Richard Blakesley, inventors of this device, initially appeared on the UK version of Dragon's Den, and netted a £200,000 investment to create their Kymera Wand. The Wand is basically a universal remote, able to have 37 separate commands programmed for any devices that uses a remote. What makes it unique is that it uses motion to activate the command. So, pointing the Wand at the TV and moving it up might increase the volume, while flicking it to the side might cycle through channels.

After their appearance on Dragon's Den, the duo were approached by the BBC to make a licenced version of their device for Doctor Who fans, based on the current sonic design from the series. It makes a variety of sounds rom the series, as well as looking damned neat. It will be available this fall for around $100, or £60.

Chris Barnardo, with his creation
Via Daily Mail.
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