It Will Take You A Million Light Years From Home, But Will It Look As Good When You Have To Sub In A Red Brick For One You've Lost

It is a booming time to be in the small, painful to step on, toy brick business. The resurgence in popularity in Lego bricks among those adults that still very much like to play with toys, has created a growing industry of off brand groups making Lego compatible sets, unlike the old days, when all you had were those hateful Mega-blocks, which were just slightly off of the size of a Lego brick, so everything seemed fine until you were half way done building your castle, notice that one wall has all the structural integrity of a US State Senatorial candidate, and realise a fecking Mega-block ended up in the pile...

Any way, these side firms are snatching up the licenses for products you might not expect anyone to ever actually want. And for every Character Building Doctor Who (which, to my mind, equal or surpass any license Lego has ever had in terms of quality), you get a KRE-O Battleship set, which is a real thing, and a toy no one will ever want.

Add to this pile of mystery, Best-Lock Construction Toys Lego compatible Stargate SG-1 sets, made with all kinds of relevancy five years after the series went off air, and two years after the franchise itself ended with SGU. And, as if that wasn't bizarre enough, they are only available from Sears Canada, a store which has kind of prided itself in being irrelevant for a number of years. Seriously though, it seems like Sears is the only place they exist. They don't even appear on Best-Lock's website.

There are fours sets available. The picture above is included on the SG-1 Earth set, though it depicts what is included in the SG-1 vs. Jaffa set, so I expect that to be an error, and have no idea what the SG-1 Earth set includes (my guess would be the Gate room, though). Also available are a scaled down model of the Daedalus, and a mini set called Guilder Attack, which includes a single guilder and a couple camo-soldiers.

Despite the fact that nothing about this makes any sort of damned sense, I have ordered myself an SG-1 Earth (sight unseen) and a SG-1 vs Jaffa set, and expect them to arrive later this week, if I don't get a message from Sears informing me rather politely that these do not, in fact, actually exist. Once they arrive, you can look forward to my first, and possibly only, toy review. That should be something...

Oh, and to take things up one additional level of crazy, they have a single Terminator set too, featuring Hunter-Killers, T-800's and resistance fighters. Yeah.

Via Topless Robot.
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