Joss Whedon, Possibly Galactus, To ReAssemble The Avengers

The Greatest Picture Ever

Marvel has announced that Joss Whedon will become only the second director to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, hiring him to write and direct the Avengers 2. Both sides were hesitant to make commitments in the days after The Avengers surprising success, Joss for his part, because he honestly wasn't certain if he had the creative energy to do it again, and Marvel because of the legion of directors who have recently been thrown out of their franchises for demanding too much money after the initial success. But, as I've said before, there is no one else with an established career in Hollywood, that can write a quality script that equally balances a dozen characters, while keeping them complex and worth caring about.

Elsewhere in the land of Marvel, FOX has until the start of October to produce a new Daredevil film, or the rights revert back to Marvel. Except, Marvel doesn't want Daredevil, they (apparently) want Galactus and the Silver Surfer, potentially for future Guardians of the Galaxy films, an environment those two characters would fit more naturally in then anywhere else. So, Marvel has offered a trade. A fair trade. An extremely fair trade. FOX gets to keep Daredevil for free, so they can make the Daredevil movie they've been planning for four years. In exchange, Marvel gets the purple planet eater back from the Fantastic Four rights package.

I think that Galactus is a very hard concept to pull off on screen, and considering that the FF2 movie went the 'giant cloud of robots' route that makes it easier to suspend your disbelief then a giant man in indigo underwear, it's going to be a hard sell no matter where the rights end up. However, Marvel is getting very good at this. Guardians will represent their biggest risk yet, but if they can convince the movie going public to cheer on a gun totting raccoon and a sentient tree, then bring on the destroyer of worlds and his 'hanging ten' little buddy.

Via Den of Geek, and again.
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