McG Watched Ruin, Realised He Would Never Be As Good As It

[Authors Note] This news is a couple weeks old at this point. I meant to post it before I went on vacation, and then... didn't.

Courtesy of Wes Ball
I've mentioned Ruin, the short film by Wes Ball, before. It is eight and a half minutes of silent, spectacular accomplishment. Some of the shots were co-opted by NBC for their promos of the upcoming series Revolution, with Ball's permission.

Now, apparently, McG has signed on to produced a full length motion picture based on the short, directed by Ball and co-written with T.S. Nowlin. I'm excited, but wary. It's rare that a short film, even with the original creator in charge, can fill out the needs of a full length feature. Don't believe me, look at 9. So, I will follow this with apprehension and anticipation.

For those that missed it the first time, you can watch Ruin after the jump.

Via /Film.
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