New Doctor Who Pictures

The BBC has released several new photos from the first batch of episodes of series seven of Doctor Who, starting with the promo poster for the premier, Asylum of the Daleks. It has a kind of Hammer Studios vibe to it, though the image itself is very indicative of last year's reflections in the astronaut. Maybe next year, the BBC marketing department can think of something else other then a reflection, to base their publicity on.

Hit the jump for some of the photos, or here to see them all.

I didn't know Doctor Who was adapting Wolfenstein 3D

Eat your heart out, Dr. Grant

I can't identify these animals. Their feet are obscured, but they are too
bulky for raptors, of any kind. With a Godzilla '98 build, and only three
fingers on each hand, I'm guessing adolescent Allosaurs. But that's only a guess.

Via The Mary Sue.
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