Pond Life, Episodes 2-5

I completely misunderstood, apparently, the point of these webisodes. I thought they were a Pond specific look at the daily life of a companion when they aren't involved in TARDIS-related adventures. Like popping down to the post, and becoming convinced that the fellow behind the counter is an alien, or some such thing. You know, how the mundane existence we all are forced to live through is next to impossible to adjust to after you've seen wonder...

Turns out, no, they are just excuses for little jokes. And while I like jokes (big fan of jokes, me), part of me is a little disappointed that they didn't reach for something a big more... substantial. This isn't so much Pond Life, as it is Pond Punchlines.

Hit the jump for the remainder of the episodes, which lead quite nicely into tomorrow's episode. Additionally, Ood!

Looks like alls gone wrong for the Ponds. If only we had some context. I'm sure we'll get plenty tomorrow night. Enjoy.
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