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The "author" is taking a week off, to rest, relax, and maybe kill off some aquatic life. And he's doing this far way from the so called internet. So, in place of two day old news, angry, judgy reviews, and long, rambling opinions on how people, far more successful then he'll ever be, suck, he's going to post one of his favourite episodes of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 each day. He'll be back next week to be long winded and judgy.

The first full film to be watched by Mike in episode thirteen of season five wasn't actually all that bad. Not bad by some of the standards set by MST3K. 1962's The Brain That Wouldn't Die was a prime example of the mad scientist films made in the late fifties, when it seemed like everyone in a lab coat was cutting off body parts, or using radiation to enlarge insects, or just sewing things onto things they ought not to be sown on to. Indeed, the film itself was filmed in 59, but held back, perhaps a sign of it's fate. The movie was something of a staple of the late night horror shows of the eighties and nineties, possibly because of the fact it is in the public domain.

 Also, possibly because it makes no sense that a disembodied head suddenly gains telepathy.
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