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The "author" is taking a week off, to rest, relax, and maybe kill off some aquatic life. And he's doing this far way from the so called internet. So, in place of two day old news, angry, judgy reviews, and long, rambling opinions on how people, far more successful then he'll ever be, suck, he's going to post one of his favourite episodes of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 each day. He'll be back next week to be long winded and judgy.

Episode twelve of season five was notable for several reasons. First, it was the episode that resulted in Mitchell star Joe Don Baker threatening physical violence on any member of the crew should he encounter them. Second, and more importantly, it was the last to feature Joel as Mocker-In-Chief, and the first to feature Mike, who is overcome with awe upon his introduction: "Hey, you guys watch Joe Don Baker movies... neat." The 1979 film is what you get when you try to mix Dirty Harry and Shaft, but make him a red neck, have his serious romantic relationship be with a prostitute, and leave anything resembling quality out of the script.
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