[Review] Warehouse 13, Season 4 Episode 6, "Fractures"

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This is what I've been saying. This is how you make an episode of TV. A strong story that supports all of the characters, in which each character has something to contribute and doesn't feel forced into the narrative, that furthers the over all arc while not making it the focus, and includes character development that doesn't feel hamfisted. It is, of course, a pipe dream to hope that the rest of the season will follow the example of the last two weeks, but at least it's picking up.

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Pete and Myka suck at police investigation. Did it not seem strange to either of them that the crazy person strapped to the bed knew exactly who they were when they walked into the hospital room? Would that not have been the first question to ask? Would that not have suggested a previous encounter? It wouldn't have immediately made them say, "it's Alice!", but if I encounter a crazy stranger who knows who I am, I'm going to be wanting to know how.
It is a shame it's taken six episodes to get to what I think is the meat of the season, and it's an arc I can get behind. Not only do they have to hunt down artifacts, but they have to hunt down artifacts they've already found. And it gives us the opportunity to revisit Artie's past with the warehouse, a subject I have found no end of interesting. While I'm not looking for them to go back over all of season one, making the first big incident involve the Alice Mirror was a nice touch, as we already know of what horrors to expect.

Which brings me to the biggest fault of the episode, which is, why would Alice willingly work for the Brother? She is, obviously, a deranged psychopath, desperate to follow her own twisted desires and whims. While I'm sure vengeance against Artie would be something she'd be interested in, it seems unlikely that she'd willingly agree to single mindedly hunt Artie down at the request of another. Add to that the preternatural way she seemed to have in locating Artie, it just seemed that nothing about Alice herself made that much sense here.

But the episode wasn't really about Alice. It was about finding a balance between what each character can, and should do, in the course of an episode. And here, there wasn't a wasted minute, or a superfluous character following the action like dead weight. And they all came together at the end, as Alice bounced back and forth, and it took the whole team to bring her down. And, not a single mention of last week's unfortunate romantic implications.

I was also happy to see Lindsey Wagner return, if only to add depth to Artie's story. His line about believing the life of a warehouse agent needing to be solitary was heartbreaking, and while I was distressed that the writers would immediately fall back on the old "my life is in danger so I can't love you" plot, I was happy to see that the good doctor wasn't having any of it, and refused to turn bitter or be insulted.
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  1. I really think that this episode of Warehouse 13 was a great one. It was probably the best episode of the season, and this season, to me, has been the best one yet. I don’t get to watch the episodes live on Mondays because I’ve been working at Dish late, but I do get to record all of the episodes. I decided that I would record all of the episodes on my Hopper to re-watch after the season airs and before the new season starts next year, and I’ll still have room to record all of my other shows too. I am incredibly pleased with how this season has gone and hopefully they continue with the pace it’s on now!