Rex Gets His Moment

I'm a big fan of actor Wallace Shawn. Of course, Princess Bride, but also his understated work in My Dinner With Andre, his overstated work during the last season of Eureka, playing the Canadian Prime Minister in Canadian Bacon, and of course, his voice work as Rex in the Toy Story movies.

Now, I've felt something of the shaft from Pixar, releasing the Toy Story shorts attached to movies I will never see, in much the same way that Warner Bros attached those new Coyote and Road Runner shorts with utter crap a couple years ago.

But I like that Rex gets to be the focus for once. Also, he wears a Berserker Helm now. Berserker Helm's are cool.

The rest of the above short will be released with Finding Nemo 3D, whenever that is.

Via The Mary Sue.
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