Seth Green Likes Star Wars A Little Too Much

There is a point in every... thing, where the popularity of the thing forces it one of two ways. One, it can continue to take itself seriously despite a decline in quality, leading to the ruination of the thing. Or, it can embrace the idea that it was taking itself too seriously, make fun of itself, and maybe get enough points that it can circle back around and take itself seriously again.

Examples, you say? OK. Indiana Jones for the former, with each instalment getting sillier and sillier, but taking itself pretty seriously the entire time. And I'd say, the character of Sherlock Holmes for the latter. It went through that period where the best stuff coming out with the character were movies like Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother, until eventually you cycle back around to the current environment of the BBC's Sherlock and Guy Richie's films.

Star Wars exists in both worlds simultaneously. The prequels were the former, as I expect, will the live action series they keep promising but will probably never happen. So too are the novels, the games, the whole expanded universe. The latter is the stuff that George Lucas tends not to have a hand in directly. The Clone Wars series. The Robot Chicken Specials. And now, something called Detour, a CG series from Robot Chicken's Stoopid Monkey. It is hard to tell if there is a narrative, or if it's a series of Robot Chicken style sketches. It's also hard to tell, because characters from the prequels and the Holy Trilogy are present, some are old, and some are young. It mostly looks to be set New Hopeish.

But Seth McFarlane plays the Emperor, and that's all I need to know.

Via Topless Robot.
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