So, Does His Sister Still Want To Have The Sex With His?

Showtime has released the first good look at Dexter Season 7, and yep, it pretty much what you'd expect consider where things left off. They'll try the 'Dexter lies' story for a while, then the 'Dexter comes clean, but still lies' for a while after that before he finally sucks it up and tells Deb the truth. And hilarity, I presume, will ensue.

A lot of people rag on Dexter, having never lived up to the promise of the first two seasons. Personally, I've enjoyed it all along, though less so in places, and I thought that last year was a definitely improvement over year five, though I called the big villain reveal after his second appearance. This season looks to actually be doing something with Dexter as a character, which we haven't really season since season 2, and not so strangely, references to the Bay Harbour Butcher abound. And, I'm glad they'll be doing something with the intern story line that seemed to go nowhere last year.

I've felt for a while that the show needs to do something extreme, like out Dexter and have him go on the run, or something to disrupt the status quo that had been a weight around their necks for far too long. Killing Rita was close, but they bungled the landing. Maybe letting Deb in on things is what the doctor ordered.

Or maybe it won't amount to anything.
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