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- Wolverine 2, after much changing of the creative teams behind the film, and much rewriting of the script, has finally started to film, forcing people to remember that Wolverine 1 was a thing that happened. Pictures have started appearing all over the internet, but this one in particular caught my eye.

In the course of a couple years we'll have been given Howard Hughes Bruce Wayne, Alaska Fisherman Clark Kent, and Highway Underpass Wolverine. Can I go on record for hoping that Captain America stays clean shaven in The Winter Solider. Please. I may have a beard, but that doesn't mean I want all my superheroes looking like they'd ask me for spare change outside the supermarket.

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- Former 8th Doctor Christopher Eccelston is in talks to play Malekith, leader of the Dark Elves and chief antagonist in Thor: The Dark World. He is in talks, so nothing is certain. What would be certain is that it would be a one off thing, as Eccelston is notorious for distancing himself from his genre projects. It's actually kind of pissy, when you think about it. He talks down about them, like he thinks they are less then his other roles, yet he keeps taking them. If you don't like the genres, don't act in them, sir. Or, do you not care so much when the pay check is waiting to clear.

- ABC is owned by Disney. So is Marvel. ABC would very much like to get in on some of that sweet sweet Avengers money, and with that motivation in mind, ABC President Paul Lee has said that they want to make a series based in the MCU. Which is great, just don't think it would in any way overlap with the films. Those actors cost way too much for a series to support, even in a guest spot. Think more having Stark logos on stuff, and references to SHIELD instead of Homeland Security in dialogue.

Thing is, ABC already had a chance to do this, when they passed on AKA Jessica Jones, which would have involved Luke Cage, Carol Danvers, and possibly Squirrel Girl. They are still interested in Hulk, but that wouldn't be tied into the MCU, to make things even more confusing. Myself, I'd be all for a couple of show, if only as a way to introduce characters that would never, ever, warrant an appearance in a film. A legal procedural could feature She-Hulk, a police procedural could feature SHIELD agents. A medical drama could star Doctor Strange (who was originally a surgeon before an accident damaged his hands). Hell, a comedy about the Damage Control, the company that comes in to clean up the wreckage left behind after superhero fisticuffs, in the vein of Better Off Ted, would be a gem to watch.

- X-Men First Class' sequel is officially known as X-Men: Days of Future Past, making yet another adaptation of what I think is the most adapted story line from the comics. Wolverine and the X-Men's entire run was an adaptation of that storyline. The first movie completely underwhelmed me, and they missed as many opportunities to do interesting things with the characters as they hit. I would be fine, and really not even notice, if another X-Men film never came out.

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