Thor Gets Bad, And Daredevil Moves On

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Alice Krige, perhaps best known as the Borg Queen, and thus undermining the entire point of the collective consciousness, has been cast as the elf queen Alfyse in Thor: The Dark World. The queen is either the cohort of, successor to, or prisoner of, Malekith, who will be played by Christopher Eccleston.

Her casting should be the last major role waiting to be filled for the film, which starts filming next month. According to her, she will be barely recognisable, which brings to mind Colm Feore's role as Laufey in the first one. At least they're sticking with makeup rather then going motion capture. I always prefer seeing the practical to the CG.

Additionally, last week I think, I mentioned that Marvel might let Fox keep the rights to Daredevil, which were expiring soon, remain at Fox for free, in exchange for the rights to Galactus back. Well, it looks like Fox took a big old "oh, sorry we were on a plane and didn't get you message" sized turd on that plan, and have allowed Daredevil to return to Marvel in exchange for nothing. So, I guess they can scrap that Guardian of the Galaxy sequel idea. Which means Matt Murdock is now able to appear in the MCU. Except, no one wants him in the MCU. Anywhere near it actually.

Hit the jump for my idea of how they should put Matt Murdock to use, where he would be best served, and how I could justify changing the banner picture to Joss Whedon in a cowboy hat.

David E. Kelly tried, and failed miserably to get into superheroes with the terrible Wonder Woman pilot last year. Why not got to ABC, a network he's had great success with in the past. In fact, probably his most success. Go to them with something a little more up his alley: a legal procedural focused on law firms in New York. A small, idealistic, mostly pro bono Hell's Kitchen firm called Nelson & Murdock, is going under. The larger criminal defence firm Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg and Holloway seeks to buy the smaller, becasue they want Matt Murdock on their team. GLK&H being the employers of She-Hulk Jennifer Walters. It's basically Boston Legal. Walters was the former top dog, Murdock the new cock of the walk. The conflict is between Murdock being seduced by the Central Park crowd, and his deep community roots. Upper class vs. lower class gives it plenty of political material. And the two main characters are costumed vigilants who leap off of roof tops and turn into green rage monsters.

Angie Harmon really wants to play She-Hulk. Really wants to. Sure, she's on Rizolli and Isles now, but this would be a few years away from getting on air, enough time for that show to get cancelled. Her years on Law and Order make the legal stuff a perfect fit, and, it would be the perfect place for cross overs with whatever Joss Whedon cooks up for them. Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones are all present in the Daredevil comics, and at one time or another either Walters or Murdock has represented every hero in the Marvel Universe. Added bonus: She-Hulk presses the limits of the fourth wall in her book. David E. Kelly knows something about pushing the fourth wall. Hell, during the fourth season of Boston Legal, there wasn't one. It seems an almost obvious direction to go.

Plus, it increases the chances of a canon MCU Howard the Duck cameo.

Via The Mary Sue, and again.
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