"Thursday Night Done Right" Is Now An Awkward Half Hour Block On Both Thursday And Friday

I've largely given up on American network television. It is a rare exception that gets me excited anymore, let alone that draws me in and keeps me coming back week after week. I think I'm down to three, and after this year, who knows. Fringe ends with a 13 episode run this fall, Community sure as hell won't get a fifth season pick up unless it follows Cougar Town to TBS (which consider the connections those shows share, would be oddly beautiful), and who knows how long NBC will forget that they have the best comedy on TV right now, with Parks and Recreation. I know, it's in a pretty close race with Community, but all the pop culture awareness that will probably not age well cannot overcome the pure masculine power of Ron Swanson.

But September approaches, and those comedies are gearing up to return, and bring with them news of what to expect. Last season, Community started with a musical number which seemed like it was prophesying the entire season, but ended up just being full of shit. This season, airing on Fridays, and the first not under the control of creator of Dan Harmon, will begin with a guest appearance by genre icon Malcolm McDowell. We'll be in at least two episodes, playing history professor Cornwallis. Also appearing this season is Little Britain star Matt Lucas. Which is all well and good, but could they please, just once more before it's cancelled, have John Oliver return as Professor Duncan? Please. Surely Jon Stewart can give Oliver a week off.

Back over on  Thursdays, Xena star Lucy Lawless will guest as a single mother, and possible love interest for our dear Mr. Swanson. She will not be named Tammy. Though, it seems like romance was inevitable between these two, since this multiple episode arc is the result of her being unable to play Tammy 1 last season. I for one, am glad of this. Considering the way Tammy 1 was developed, and how marvellously she was played by Patricia Clarkson, I don't think that character would have been a good fit for Lawless. Her roles on Xena, Battlestar, and Spartacus show us that she demands a much more powerful, rugged sort of character. Someone who could go toe to toe with a Swanson.

Let's just hope she meets his high standards.

Via The Mary Sue, and again.
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