We're In There, Somewhere...

You know how sometimes you can get worked up about stuff. Like how much NBC couldn't program a TV schedule if they had a rabid badger in their trousers. Or how listening to more then thirty seconds of cable news makes you want to shove a Philips head screwdriver into your navel to see which hurts more.

And then you remember that the universe is expanding, and has been since the moment it exploded into being, fourteen and a half billion years ago, and that none of that stuff above matters once you're four kilometres above the ground, let alone 164 thousand light years in any direction. That galaxies spiral and plummet, and collide, while stars burn out and planets just keep spinning and spinning...

The above video was created at Harvard using something called Arepo, which I would look up, but I'm feeling rather absurd right now, and shouldn't probably do anything too strenuous. It depicts 9 billion years of the universe, starting at four and ending at now. To put that in perspective, that's about twice as old as the planet Earth, thirty two thousand times as old as humanity, and so very long it makes NBC look absolutely insignificant.

Though, someone needs to put that video to horns and strings ASAP. Of course, in the universe, there is more silence then not, so maybe it's fine the way it is.

Via The Mary Sue.
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