Who Are The Ponds When They're At Home

At two and a half series, the time the Ponds have spent in the TARDIS isn't ground breaking. In fact, it's practically average. But never before on the show has a relationship been so thoroughly represented, analysed and evolved as Amy and Rory. Not even the Doctor, with the obvious exception of the TARDIS herself, has had a relationship that has seemed so honest and natural as the one between the Ponds.

So, it is only natural that as they prepare to depart, they would get some extra attention. Cue the original webseries, premiering on YouTube on Monday, following the slower moments between the Ponds when they aren't travelling with the Doctor, which also separates them into another class of companion (which I believe only Tegan, Sarah Jane, and Martha belong to) that have stopped travelling with the Doctor, and then taken up with him again.

The webseries will run the lengh of this half of series seven, and dovetail nicely into the premier episode, Asylum of the Daleks.

Via Topless Robot.
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