Avengers and Dark Knight Made Money, But No One Else Did

Yesterday, I reported that that Avengers and Dark Knight Rises had each set records in terms of total box office gross (Avengers stands to get a secondary bump this month, with it's DVD release). However, the high grosses of those two films weren't enough to bolster the rest of the summer season, which according to "the industry" was the worst turn out for films since 1993.

According to the numbers, 533.5 million tickets were sold this summer. Now, you, I, and the cat looks at that number and says "you need to redefine failure". And we'd be right. Even with the internet, downloadable content, spoilers, video games, free porn, the great outdoors and human companionship, you still sold 533.5 million tickets. In the US alone, generating around $4.2 billion dollars in revenue. Get over yourselves.

You know why 4% less people went to the movies this year, compared to last? Because your movies suck. I go to see one film a week. Because, I'm a cinephile, and if I'm not sitting in a movie theatre, I tend to get twitchy. That's about 15 films since May. And I liked maybe three. I remember maybe five others. The rest were utterly forgettable pieces of crap. People went to see Avengers over and over again because it was good, as well as being big and loud and everything else you look for in a summer blockbuster. You want people to go see your movies? Stop hiring the Michael Bay's and having fourteen ghost writers work on a script, and stop hiring people to appear in films that aren't actors, and just make better movies. Make cheaper movies. Make movies that are worth making.

This has been your "nothing is ever new" post of the day.

Via The Mary Sue.
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