Billy Crystal Provides Parental Guidance

Outside of Hocus Pocus, I've never been a Bette Midler fan. But in the eighties, Billy Crystal was the man. When Harry Met Sally, still the only romantic comedy I can sit through (probably because it pretty much invented the genre), City Slickers, Throw Mama From The Train. The man was funny. Less so with his nighties offering, and since the turn of the millennium, largely nothing on screen (though 700 Sundays and Monsters Inc are highlights of this dark age). Despite this, even his presence couldn't get me to watch the Oscars last year, but I might see Parental Guidance.

Yes, the jokes are ones you see coming, and they probably spent most of them in this trailer. And the trailer has the feel to it of something that has a great emotional understanding at the heart of it's third act. But help me, Crystal still makes me laugh.
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