Craig Ferguson Talks To An Astronaut About The Important Things: Farting

I'm not at all over the whole hockey thing, so the rest of today isn't going to be big on on effort, by me. So here is an interview Craig Ferguson did last week with Astronaut Mike Massimino. Aside from being a frequent guest on the show, Massimino flew two shuttle missions, including the final Hubble repair mission on board the Atlantis, and is officially recognized as the first person to Twitter from space.

As much as I'm not a fan of Twitter, I want to take a moment, as should you, to recognize that in 1912, radio was available, but limited to ships at sea (and only mandated after the sinking of the Titantic). Telegraphs were still widly used, and while some experimental use of airplanes to carry mail over long distances was being attempted, the majority of mail was carried by train, and could take weeks to travel from one side of the United States to the other, depending on schedules and delays.

One hundred years later, we can communicated near-instantly with people... in space (I know, I know, it's not really space, just near Earth orbit. The point remains the same).

I wonder what kind of wi-fi connection they've got up there.
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