Heavy Metal Comes To TV

I love anthology shows. Twilight Zone (both versions), Outer Limits (both versions), Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Tales from the Crypt, the list goes on. Aside from the fact that some truly classic stories, and some truly gifted writers have come out of anthology series, I love the freedom of the format. Different casts, different writers. Self contained stories that introduce and resolve themselves inside each episode. No reliance on continuity. And if you don't like an episode one week, tune in the next and it's something completely different. It's short story work on television, how's that not fun?

So, I'm kind of stoked that the French have adapted Heavy Metal into a series. Described thusly:
In the lineage of fantastic series such as Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits, Metal Hurlant Chronicles is the adaptation of the world renowned magazine of the same name. Discover the live versions of these exceptional comics by the writers of X MEN , BATMAN , SPIDERMAN , IRON MAN , GI JOE , STAR WARS , SUPERMAN, BLADE etc. Fitted for the international market, each episode is 26 minutes long and is composed of one story involving Action, Heroic Fantasy [and] Science Fiction in English, directed by Guillaume Lubrano.
That description reads to me like Tales From The Crypt, where each episode was an adaptation of a classic story from the comics. And I'm fine with that. I'm also fine with the trailer, which looks like it uses a lot of 300 style green screens, and very polished visuals, almost cartoonishly so. Which could be a result of a smaller budget, or it could be intentional. I'm actually fine with the show taking itself a little less seriously. Heavy Metal, aside from the gratuitous sex, violence and over the top science fiction elements (all present in the trailer), has never been the biggest stickler for gravitas.

The series apparently marks appearances by genre regulars like James Marsters, Rutger Hauer, Michelle Ryan, and who appears to be Kelly Brook. I hope this finds international distribution. At the very least, it will air in England.

And that, at least, is something.

Via ComicsAlliance.
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