Justified Creator Travels Back In Time, Twice

Graham Yost knows how to make TV. And it shouldn't be that surprising. His father, Elwy Yost, hosted Saturday Night at the Movies for 15 years, amassing one of the most comprehensive collections of interviews with film historians and participants, probably anywhere.

From movies like Speed and The Last Castle, and TV series like Band of Brothers, From The Earth To The Moon, and the superior Justified, Yost the younger has proven over and over he has the sort of talent that his father spent a quarter century profiling.

So good news. No top of the highly anticipated fourth season of Justified (by me, anyways), and being the executive producer of Falling Skies on TNT, he has two new series, both of which have been picked up by separate networks, and both of which deal with females spies, in the past.

The first, which Yost is producing, The Americans, is set during the Reagan administration, and follows two KGB agents in deep cover as a happy American couple. The agents in question will be played by Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, while an FBI neighbour will be played by Noah Emmerich. The show has been picked up by FX, the same network that airs Justified.

The second show, which Yost created, L.A. Woman, will follow a female spy living in Los Angeles in the 1970's. The show is in early stages of production, with no cast as of yet. The bad news with this is that the show was picked up by NBC. Aside from what that usually means, NBC is the network that cancelled Boomtown after two seasons (and massive studio interference between those seasons) and the fantastic Jeff Goldblum series Raines after 7 episodes. So... season four of Justified on FX. Yay!

Via Warming Glow, and again.
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