Looking For Ruggedly Handsome Actor For Very Meta Guest Role; Must Wear Tight Pants

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Last spring, when Adam Baldwin guest starred on Castle, there was an interview done with him and Nathan Fillion, which I cannot find the video of for the life of me, in which Fillion revealed he had been pitching an idea for an episode to the writers for year. The former star of a science fiction western is found dead, and the suspect are all his former cast mates on the short lives but much beloved show. The cast of Firefly would, of course, play the roles of the suspects. He then gave Baldwin shit for ruining his plan. At the time, it was a funny joke, and a fun story, that shows how much these actors really did love the show as much or more then we do.

And Fillion kind of got his wish. Because Castle, whose season 5 begins tonight at 10, is looking for an actor to play Fillion. Or, reasonably close. On the heels of the 10th anniversary of the original broadcast of Firefly (seven hells, I need to sit down...), the show will feature an episode in which an actor, famous for playing the role of Captain Max Richards on Nebula 9, hasn't been able to get over the popularity of the failed show, and turns to booze and, since it's Castle, either ends up dead, or a suspect when somebody else does. So, on the whole, more like Galaxy Quest then Fillion's autobiography.

One can only assume that the references won't end there. I suspect that one of two of Fillion's former colleague will show up in the episode, but can I cross my fingers and hope really, very hard to the TV geek gods that Joss Whedon himself puts in an appearance.

He's worked with them before, on something or other. Recent, I think it was. The name escapes me...

Via The Mary Sue.
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