Neil Gaiman Wins Hugo Award For "The Doctor's Wife"

It is gratifying when something truly worthy of recognition wins an award. Which is why the Oscars haven't been relevant in years. So, on Sunday evening, when Neil Gaiman won the Hugo award for his episode of Doctor Who, the immensely entertaining and tear invoking Doctor's Wife, it made you want to punch the air.

Easily the strongest episode from last season. Easily the most enjoyable. Easily the best. The sort of episode that will be remembered for decades afterwards. An instant classic. The only thing that might make the victory better would be the promise of Gaiman returning to the show.

“...only a fool or a mad man would try to do it again... so I’m on the third draft.”
So said the author himself, in his acceptance speech. This can go one of two ways. First, and more likely, it was Gaiman being his usual sarcastic self. Second, and the more appealing option, is that Gaiman is indeed writing another episode for the show. According to io9, Gaiman has been told that the episode is slated to air during the second half of this series, to air in the spring, but is also aware it might get pushed back to series 8, just as The Doctor's Wife was moved from late series 5 to early series 6. And apparently, it's another expensive tale to tell. Is it too much to ask, instead of bubble universes and big grand things, we just have a few more corridors?

My, wouldn't that be something...

Via Den of Geek.
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