No, I Didn't Really Need To See Alan Rickman Naked, But Thank You Anyway

I'm conflicted about this trailer. On the one hand, this remake of the '66 Michael Caine film Gambit is written by the Coen Bros. On the other hand, it is not directed by them. But maybe it having their words is enough to elevate it above the standard fair. On the other hand, the Coen's last remake, the Ladykillers, is easily one of their weakest films. But, this film does star Alan Rickman and Colin Firth. On the other hand, whatever accent Cameron Diaz is trying to affect is not working out for her at all.

Maybe it's just the way the trailer is cut, to make it look like such a pedestrian comedy, complete with nondescript voice over, and editing together of various scenes to create new dialogue and reaction shots... Add to that the Coen version of the script was written in 2003, and it has bounced from director to director, none of which seemed to want to give it any attention. I hope for the best, but I'm preparing for this to be just another drop in the comedy-caper bucket.

Perhaps we could try not remaking films for a while?
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