Parks And Rec Is Funny, Filthy

In preparation of Parks and Rec's return on Thursday night, here is the full seventeen minute long blooper reel from the season four DVD.  It is equally hilarious and dirty, the latter mostly down to Chris Pratt and his filthy improv. I've always noticed that Nick Offerman is rarely the one to go off script, and is rarely the one to flub his lines. But when someone else causes him to break character, he breaks hard.

Speaking of breaking, followed by an adjective, Breaking Bad co-star Jonathan Banks, who plays Mike Ehrmentraut, has been cast as Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott)'s father, who was apparently cast after the writers decided that the character would "act like Mike Ehrmentraut". So they went out and got them a Mike Ehrmentraut.

I doubt the story line will cause them to cross over, but is it too much to ask for one scene of Ron vs Mike? Is it, Parks writers?

Via Uproxx and /Film.
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