President Bartlett Is Turning Into Clinton, He's Supporting So Many Post Presidential Causes

A while back, some of the cast of The West Wing reunited on Funny or Die, to promote a campaign to get Americans walking. Because they did a little bit of that on the show. That video was hilarious, and made a certain kind of sense.

This does not. The fact that every (non-Dule Hill, Rob Lowe or dead) cast member stars in it is one thing, but that it is a campaign ad, for a non-partisan State Supreme Court judge is just flat out crazy. I don't care if the candidate is a relative of a cast member, you do not reassemble one of the best ensemble casts in TV history to get your sister elected. No one does that. No one can do that. They wouldn't have done it for Obama.

On the other hand, I love this video for three reasons. First, obviously, look at the damned thing. Every second of it is fantastic. Second, this need to become the way we advertise everything: the cast of the West Wing hocks it. And not just exercise initiatives and elections, I mean everything. Dove soap, industrial waste management, the NHL lockout updates, FOX's Tuesday night comedy line up. Everything should feature the cast of the West Wing. Because it is awesome, and they are obviously all very available.

And third, it proves, if only briefly, that Janel Moloney is still alive. I always thought it was strange that after the show ended, she just disappeared. Everyone else went off on other shows (which, except for the absent Hill, were all cancelled, but hey...), but nothing for Janel. And she was talented. Donna is one of my favourite characters from those early years, years I have great affection for.

Actually, the best thing about this video: no Jimmy Smits.

Via Uproxx.
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