Read, For Free, The Dredd Prequel Comic

Dredd, opening next weekend, is the second adaptation of the character Judge Dredd, from the British comics series 2000AD. The first adaptation, starring Sylvester Stallone, can be at best described as a "loose adaptation", and at worst, "absolute crap". Since I've yet to see the new version, starring Star Trek's Karl Urban and Game of Thrones' Lena Headey, I can't speak to it's quality. But it looks, at least, like the makers actually read an issue of the book before starting production (actually, Urban, the force behind getting the film made, specifically wanted to make it as faithful as possible, because of the crappiness of the former film).

And now, for free, we can find out everything we need to know about Dredd before going into the film. I'm not usually big on comic book prequels, as their qualities vary. But seven hells, this one is free, so why not give it a read.

Via Comics Alliance.
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