[Review] - Warehouse 13, Season 4 Episode 7, "Endless Wonder"

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After a week off, Warehouse 13 has returned, but in what condition. Things were looking up for this season when we left, and this week saw, what at first appeared to be a single focus story. A good old fashioned what dunnit. Until about half way through, when bigger ideas took hold, and pushed the episode in a different direction all together. And then to top it all off, an old friend stopped by.

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A major problem with this series, and with any series that doesn't want to waste time on the leg work, is the use of illogical deductions. When a character, with absurd specificity, guesses exactly what is going on, despite not having any evidence to back this assumption up, turns out to be correct, and the action moves on. It's essentially a way to introduce the character to the action without boring exposition. And this episode had it in spades. Myka usually gets one, but here Claudia had one, the new girl had one, and HG had one. And I find it distracting. It is convenient, it is unbelievable, and worst yet, it is lazy.

While I happy to see HG return, and her deduction that time travel was probably involved was appropriate for the character, unless next week goes way out of it's way to explain how she new the exact artifact Artie used, I'll remain sorely disappointed that the show couldn't figure another way to get her back in on the action. Worst still was the new character, Deb, displaying her suitability for a future with the warehouse by instantly being able to recite the warehouse's MO after overhearing half a conversation. She even stumbles over the word artifact, settling quiet uncomfortably on object. There must have been a craftier way to quickly establish her intelligence.

The show certainly is making a point of mystery solving this season. Claudia learned the origins of artifacts a couple weeks back, and this episode saw how Regents get made. It is nice to see gaps filled in, but perhaps it's equally important to pace yourself. Especially when doing so lets the episode slip away from you. Once Deb became the focus, the episode seemed to lose the thread. It became, as I have complained in past weeks, to busy jumping back and forth between stories, that no one story feels whole. I understand they feel the Artie story needs to work over the same ground time and time again, but what about spreading the induction of a Regent over two episodes? Show her skill in one, and show her crisis of faith in the next. Make her feel more like an element in the universe, then just a guest star.

Once again, Artie's story did nothing to advance the plot. He wanted to know what evil was coming for him (which the baddie has explained that he doesn't know specifics). Brother Adrian, again, said to undo what Artie had done. I swear, they gave Saul Rubinek and Brent Spiner one sheet of dialogue for the entire season, with the instructions "rinse and repeat" at the top. At least Claudia and Jinks appear to have gotten over the whole "mortally linked" thing that seemed so haunting last time.

Pete and Myka were the highlights, as they usually are, though why the costumers decided that a secret service agent would go out on duty in a see through top, I don't know. Pete's continuously child-like behaviour never actually seems over the top, probably because it's played straight, and consistent. It would be one thing if they used it merely in one episode, for some cheap laughs. But his fondness for touching things is a part of who he is, and I find it endearing. And, as the writers continue to showcase his softer side, I feel that Pete is becoming the shows most rounded, fully formed character.

In the end, the curse of the big ideas weighs the episode, and the season down. It seems to me that the idea of the government becoming interesting in plundering the warehouse, a concept mentioned in the Regent's very first appearance, might have made for an interesting season arc. Certainly more interesting then the Brotherhood swiping artifacts. If only because I don't seen the end game. They aren't stealing them to help stop the on-coming evil, they're just doing it to piss Artie off. And it's not getting them what they want. Do this, or I'll take your stuff isn't really a A-plan. It, like most of the Brotherhood stuff this season, seems like nothing but filler.
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