[Review] - Warehouse 13, Season 4 Episode 8, "Second Chance"

[Author's note: I am currently sick, and could barely watch the episode, let alone write a full review. I've made some comments on it, but it's not a full review, as such.]

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Congratulations Artie, you win the progressively stupid award. It not only took a room of other characters, pointing out in detail everything you, and we, already know, but also pointing out that the Brotherhood might just be the evil you've been worried about, instead of your bad dream. A misdirect? A fatal setup? Or the last step, in episode eight of a ten episode run, finally getting us off this endless cycle of repetition, and let us move on.

Hit the jump for the review, which contains spoilers that don't want to hurt anyone, but can't stop punching people in the face.

Anyone else think that giving the time travel thingy to HG will be a huge mistake? HG herself says that her own past failures with time travel have ended in misery, and they just hand her a device that has proven effective. I know they all trust her now, Artie especially, but I can't help feel that this is a bad idea waiting to happen.

I might have thought that letting a select group of people in on the truth would result in a mustering of force. Instead, we got more of the same waffling. Leena contributed nothing, HG disappears between scenes, and Mrs. Fredricks is underwhelming in her support. I thought perhaps this might be the moment where the warehouse takes the fight to the Brotherhood. Instead, now we've got four people muttering about a great darkness, instead of one. Do something, dammit!

And forgive me, but I'm still not entirely certain what happened with Jinks. I liked that we got to visit his family, as we have with every other member of the gang, really making him feel like part of the show. But couldn't it have been with less of a convoluted excuse. In the same way, might getting Jinks off the metronome not have demanded a larger story, perhaps one that wasn't relegated to the B-plot. Or one that didn't devolve into a sudden confused scene, culminating in Jinks simply smashing the thing, and saying it was the power of love that restarted his heart.

The show has a problem with knowing where it wants to end up, but not really knowing how to get there. Take the scene where the apparently peaceful owner of this week's artifact pummels Pete repeatedly. For no reason. The Spartan armour wasn't forcing him to, and all Pete was trying to do was explain the situation to him. And yet, punch after punch. In fact, nothing about this week's suspect made a lot of sense. Upon loitering around behind Pete and Myka, for an amount of time that proves neither of the agents have any situational awareness, he clearly shows remorse about causing these people's sickness. And promptly runs off, without enquiring about how he might, you know, help.

This late in the game, the show should be firing on all cylinders, gearing up for the coming finale. Instead, it's limping along. The return of HG should have been reserved for something more substantial, instead of being wasted on empty condemnation. Nothing substantial has been added to the Brotherhood storyline since revealing that the artifacts were being stolen. In fact, aside from the general thievery, the Brotherhood has done nothing to deserve the apparent reputation they have. Anyone who can fluster Mrs. Fredricks must be someone to fear, and yet we as viewers have no reason to do so. The show hasn't shown us anything to base that reputation on. They are the least threatening of the show's big bads, in a very literal way.
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