Sherlock Cluedo Must Be Mine

Fun fact about me: I own every edition of North American Clue from the 1960 edition onwards, including the majority of the variants, except the Harry Potter version (I hate Harry Potter. It started out as an aggressive disinterest that has grown courtesy of everyone over the last decade telling me I should give it another go). I love the game, and the obsessive completionist in me insists on purchasing any version I see, including the travel editions, card games, and book series (do you even need to ask if I own the film).

So, when I discovered an officially licensed and purchasable (important that bit) Sherlock edition, available here for the utterly reasonable price of 30 pounds, I knew only a single truth: I must have it, and it will be mine.

From the box art, this thing is fantastic. Holmes should, of course, be Plum, and Watson Mustard. My only complaint is they should have went with series regular Molly as Scarlett, rather then one off character Adler. I wonder what the locations are. Baker St, and the morgue, obviously. Weapons? I wonder...

Damn, I'm shaking over this thing.

Via The Mary Sue.
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