Star Trek 2 Gets A Title

Courtesy of Paramount

The movie thus far known as Star Trek 2, the follow up to J.J. Abrams' frankly amazing relaunch of the Star Trek franchise, has a name. And it might not be what you expect. The new film, expected to see a release next May, is officially known as Star Trek Into Darkness.

What's interesting is the lack of colon, which usually separates the title and subtitle. Which makes it the first Star Trek movie to have a full title other then just Star Trek, and the first movie outside of the Die Hard franchise to incorporate it's title into some kind of stealth pun. While the writers have been saying since the release of the original that they wanted space itself to be something of a villain in this feature, this title gives us the first good look at exactly how dark things might get.

Let just hope it doesn't get too dark. Star Trek, above all else, has always been about optimism. It doesn't need a dark, gritty remake. That'd be going a little too Deep Space Nine for these films.

Via Den of Geek.
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