Star Trek Turns 46

You cannot deny, Star Trek is one of the most influential television shows ever, if not them most influential television show ever. Ask any engineer, astronomer, physicist or scientist working in or around space, and chances are the reason they got into that line of work was because of Star Trek.

The technologies that exist today because of the show, no matter their level of cultural integration (cellphones, air-compression subdermal injectors, international translators) are staggering. Staggering enough that there is an entire show devoted to it on Discovery. Even the X Prize has settled on McCoy's medical tricorder as it's next great innovation. The show has become fully integrated into the modern culture, to the point that words like 'phaser', 'warp speed', 'beam me up' and 'klingon' are used by everyone, whether they've watched the show or not. And, how many philosophy majors first heard of logic via Spock? I know I did (heard of logic, not have a major in philosophy - I'm not that foolish).

Well, today, the show celebrates it's 46th anniversary. To celebrate the show that gave us William Shatner, Leonard Nemoy and (bizarrely more popular now then ever before) George Takei, I'm going to spare you the five thousand words on how the show influenced my life, and give you bloopers.

Because actors falling over is funny as all get out.
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