Sure, It Looks Cool, But Will You Still Like It As Much After It Murders Your Entire Family?

This is a full size Dalek replica, made from the original casts the BBC uses to construct the Dalek costumes for the show. Firebox is selling these replicas for $5700. But unfortunately, according to the disclaimer, it is solid, and cannot be opened and worn, like those on the show.

To put that price in perspective, it's about the same as a high quality sex doll (not safe for work, that link. At all), or a rigorously used 2003 Infiniti G. One of which can drive you to work and back, and the other which you can do incredibly filthy things to. Or, you can take the bus, be lonely, and own a Dalek.

I think you know which is the smart purchase.

Via Geekologie.
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