The Hobbit Looks Awesome

Really, really awesome. At last, we have a plot centric trailer for the first Hobbit film, and boy howdy does it deliver. The dwarves, the trolls, the extended battles with the orcs. It all looks just beautifully done, and while we are all expecting these films to be as good as Lord of the Rings, this is our first evidence that they may well be better.

Even with the extended footage of Gollum, who anyone not having read the book might be surprised to learn only appears in one chapter (scene), this is a strong trailer. It even contains footage of wizard Radagast, played by former Time Lord Sylvester McCoy. Though, there is no footage at all of Christopher Lee as Sauruman, or of the White Council as a whole, which pretty much confirms that the Council won't appear until the second film, and the first will be about bringing them together.

Hit the jump to see new pictures of the cast, including a better, Hobo inspired look at the Brown Wizard.

Via Den of Geek.
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