The Hobbit Might End Sooner Than We Thought

Courtesy of New Line
A while back, a banner image laying out the plot of the first Hobbit film, An Unexpected Journey, appeared. It confirmed what I thought at the time, that the film would end with the dwarves packed into barrels, heading for Laketown. Then came the news that the film would be split into three rather then two. I still believed that the barrels would be the logical breaking point, and that enough content remained to fill in the remaining films. But perhaps New Line disagrees, as they have released the image, with the end cut off.

It now ends with the attack of the Wargs, and the coming of eagles. Which, if true, would start the second film, the Desolation of Smaug, with Biblo awaking in the eagle's nest, and continuing on through Mirkwood, the attacks of the spiders, and eventual capture by the elves. Which also probably means the men of Laketown won't appear until halfway through the second film.

While the eagles seems like a good place to break it, my worry is that Smaug's role will either be condensed (as the attack by Smaug and the courage of the Bard is certainly the only place to end the second film), or we're in for another very long film, something I do not want. As I said, my one hope in making the Hobbit three films would be that they would be shorter then Lord of the Rings.

I've no issue with sitting for three and half hours at home, but not in a theatre thank you very much.

Via The Mary Sue.
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