They Never Taught Me To Make A CV Like This When I Was In School

The above seven minute short film is an impressive, and ambitious, job application to Joss Whedon and the Marvel company by Adam Levermore, for the job of Production Designer for the forthcoming SHIELD series. According to the short, Levermore has done art design for BSG, Wil Wheaton, and most importantly, Serenity (shameless, but shiny), along with designing everything that isn't human in this very short, and did it all inside three weeks. The short also features music by BSG composer Bear McCreary (who should also be short listed for the series), Mythbuster Grant Imahara, and former Whedon co-hort Amber Benson.

Can I tell you, if I had to be this impressive in a job application, I'd be screwed. I don't even think my address is correct on my handwritten resume.

Via The Mary Sue.
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