Walter White's Fortune Calculated - By Science!

Anyone who saw the mid-season finale of Breaking Bad, saw the above. Not enough money to slide down, Joker style, but still a hefty chunk of change. And in universe, the question of how much was answered with a resounding "?".

Enter science, and its amazing ability to make predictive statements based on observable evidence. In universe, Skylar tried, based on weight, but that didn't take into account the value of each bill. In reality, Tom Cook, at Quora, used the following method to device an answer.

We'll use $2000 as the low estimate for every bill bundle. There are larger bundles ($5000?) in there, but there's no way to know how many of each type. We get a couple hints to the overall volume of the stack in other shots.

Width: 12 bills
Height: ~40-45 bundles
Depth: ~17 bills

Based on this nonscientific image analysis the minimum amount in the pile would be around $17,500,000. If every bundle were $5000 then it'd be $43,860,000.00. The actual value is likely somewhere in between those two estimates.
After watching the episode, I thought that Walter giving up the business he spent so long building was uncharacteristic. However, if he had between $17 and $43 million, maybe giving up makes sense.

Seven hells, if I had that much money, I doubt I'd put on pants, let along maintain an international drug empire.

Via Badass Digest.
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