Why The Hobbit? Because I Am Scared, And He Gives Me Courage

Turns out, that trailer for the Hobbit I posted eariler wasn't all the New Line had up their sleeves. App users could choose which of five endings (the standard release featuring the dwarves being crushed by a dead troll-thing) they could watch, exclusively. So exclusive, that they are all available now on YouTube, as seen above.

Yet more Gollum, and much more dwarves, and perhaps the footage I've seen so far that most makes my heart happy: the wagers. These films, more then anything else, need to establish a deep, powerful friendship between Gandalf and Bilbo, and this seen, and the quote I've put in the title, suggest to me that I've got nothing the worry about.

It has been pointed out that the Hobbit looks far funnier then Lord of the Rings, which is in line with a book that was originally written for children. but more then that, the world it takes place in is a less serious one. Don't forget, Lord of the Rings is a war movie, with a flaming eye watching everything that happens. The Hobbit is more of a road film. Not that there aren't serious things that happen: the orc battle and the wargs look about right in colour and tone. But people in the time of the Hobbit don't have a reason not to be cheerful.

I expect the tone of the three films to progressively become more serious, as the first film will largely be walking. The second will darken, with the introduction of the dragon, and the third, with the outbreak of the War of Five Armies, will be closer in tone to the LotR trilogy. I would expect.
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