Animation. Why Did It Have To Be Animation

Patrick Schoenmaker is, clearly, a very talented artist. And he's using that talent to create an Indiana Jones animated show, on his own, just for fun. Or, you know, if someone happens to see these promo images, and becomes interested (cough...George...cough), it could totally become a real thing.

I would watch the hell out of this show, for two very important reasons: first, I'm loving Schoenmaker's style. It's sharp, stark, and lacks the overriding Asian influence you see more often in modern animation (that's not racist, it's just not my prefered style). Second, an Indy series that is largely George free can only be good for the franchise. Clone Wars is certainly better then any of the prequel films. Plus, a cartoon isn't limited by time, age, or actor availability. It can take place between films, after films, or jump around through time as it pleases.

Somebody with money, jump on this thing, and make it happen. And for everybody else, hit the jump to see his concept art, as well as some Star Wars and Gremlins pieces. Or, check out Schoenmaker's blog, where he has posted a (very) short clip of a temple floor collapsing.

This image makes me happy in all my places
Animated Sean Connery is one of the best things ever. LOOK AT THAT BEARD!
The animated show will explain how Indy killed and
buried Shortround in a tomb shortly after Temple.
The lesson here: this guy can draw Harrison Ford like nobody's business.

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