Axe Cop And Ron Swanson Share More In Common Then What Is On Their Upper Lip

Whenever I read Axe Cop, I cannot help myself but imagine Bruce Campbell as the bemoustached protagonist. It's the bone structure: with a chin like that, Campbell has to come to mind. Until I watched this animated short, possibly a teaser to the promised FOX Sunday animated show (which if it is, FOX, I will take back nearly every bad thing I have ever said about you, and even buy a season of Glee on DVD if it makes you not cancel this show). Now, I understand, that there is no one else, in the world, who could possible be Axe Cop then Nick Offerman. Nick "Ron 'Axe Cop' Swanson" Offerman. Ron Cop. Sounds like a used car dealer. Axe Swanson. Sounds like an eighties action star.

Axe Swanson it is.

(As an aside, I struggle to understand how the series will cope with the sheer insanity of the comic. I figure the basic format of the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, with the absurdity of The Tick would be a close approximation. We shall see, I guess).

Via Topless Robot.
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