Being An Avenger Takes Its Toll

However the movie actually turns out, this first trailer for Iron Man 3 looks amazing. As the headliner of the MCU, the Iron Man movies have a lot more weight on their shoulders, to look impressive, to feel real and at the same time be a comic book film, and to be the films that really anchor the viewers to the world of the MCU.

When the second movie came out, everyone wondered if they would eventually adapt the Demon in a Bottle storyline, the seminal work of Iron Man's run. And it looks like they might be touching on it here, as they did in the last one. Except instead of booze, it's glory that is tearing Tony Stark's life apart. As Tony seethed in the Avengers, he isn't a soldier. He isn't a god. He isn't trained, or infected, or altered in anyway. So it makes sense that of anyone, after the events of the Avengers, that he would be the one suffering the most. Which is important, both for us the viewer to see that heroics have a cost, but for the character. He, more then the others, has been built up over the years. For the film to work, he needs to start low again, and fight to rise.

And holy hezmada, does he fight. And against a possibly autonomous suit, too. Ben Kingsley looks excellent as the Manderin, and that last shot is just pretty. My only hope is they avoid turning Pepper into a damsel in distress, a role she has (at times, narrowly) avoided thus far.

May April (really?) can't come soon enough.
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