Bruce Campbell Makes A Reasonable Argument For the Evil Dead Remake

I don't like remakes. I don't see the point of them. Most are just retelling a story that didn't need to be retold, but with actors the youths will recognise, in order to make a quick buck (or not that quick, Total Recall). Unless the film makers are willing to change things drastically, to tear down the story and characters, and rebuild it anew, but then why not just make your own damned film, and leave the original the hell alone.

So, I go into the Evil Dead remake with trepidation. However, having Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi on board as producers does help. And now, knowing exactly how much they were involved, and seeing how excited Bruce is about the whole thing, has reduced my level of cynicism from "it doesn't matter who you vote for, nothing gets done" to a more reasonable "I got food poisoning there once, and haven't went back since."

Via /Film.
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