Coulson Lives

Dammit Fillion, this has nothing to do with you!

Joss Whedon kills the things we love. He knows this. And he accepts this. Tara wasn't brought back by a magic wish, Wash is a leaf on the wind, and Penny isn't doing any more laundry.

But just this once, Whedon is doing us all a solid. A big, Clark Gregg shaped soild.

Agent Phil Coulson is officially part of (and the first actor cast for) the SHIELD series.

Announced over the weekend at the New York Comiccon, during a surprise appearance by Gregg at the Ultimate Spider-man panel, via a video featuring man-about-town Joss Whedon and Marvel up-and-up Kevin Feige, making this captain awesome sauce official.

How excited am I about this? Since I first read it, and then verified the ever loving fudge out of it, I've been speaking in strange metaphors and haven't been able to get Huey Lewis' Power of Love out of my head. And I've tried. And now the Q-tip is stuck.


I've been saying this is obvious for a while now. Just search Coulson on this site, and see how many posts pop up. And now that it's official, I wonder how long it's been planned. Honestly, I'm curious how long Whedon and Marvel have been working on SHIELD together, and if Coulson has always been part of the plan. Is this why Coulson's fate was as ambiguous in the film as it was, but never fully resolved?

All that has been announced is that Coulson will be on the show, it hasn't been announced how he will be on the show, obviously wanting to leave something a surprise for the (now significantly increased number of) viewers. Most internet-people are guessing resurrection (coming back as the Vision is the ever popular choice), with the TV series being based between Iron Man 2 and Avengers being the popular second (I wonder, might a reality warping cellist be involved in his return?). Folks are also falling on the flashbacks or limited screen time options, but I figure Whedon knows what he has with both Gregg and Coulson. This guy is the star. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to find a way to get this smile off of my face. It's freaking me the hell out.

Via /Film, and a host of others (I did more research on this one story then I did through all of grade school).
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