Doctor Who, P.S.

I had many problems with the Doctor Who mid-series finale, The Angels take Manhattan. One I didn't mention in my review was how I immediately felt that Amy and Rory's departure was unfair to Brian, Rory's dad. And to us, who having only known Brian (played wonderfully by Mark Williams) for two episode, yet immediately fell in love with him. Yes, the dangers were explained to him, but to simply never know what happened to his children seems a spectacular kind of unfair, even for Moffat.

Now we know. This semi animated short (and featuring a voice over by Arthur Darvill) details the unfilmed scene written by Chris Chibnall, titled P.S., that gives Brian his closure. Considering it was written by Chibnall, and not by episode scribe Moffat, I suspect this was never meant to be included in the actual episode. More likely, it was meant to be the sixth and final sequence of the Pond centric web series Pond Life, which was also written by Chibnall, and aired the week before the Asylum of the Daleks.

Via Topless Robot.
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