Giant Eye Appears In Florida. Peacock And Spotlights Expected Any Time

Last Wednesday, a giant blue eye washed up on Pompano beach, near Fort Lauderdale. It was immediately taken to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute for identification. While what sort of creature might possess an eye of this size was not immediately known, experts have said it "likely came from a marine animal."

I for one, feel a little safer knowing that they suspect that it "likely" came from some giant under-water thing, and not some massive terrestrial animal. And while some scientists seem content to assume it came from a giant squid, whose eyes are known to easily dislodge (we'll put that image into the subconscious for later), I think the actual answer is clear: Cthulhu has sent it up from his sullen, dark leagues, to keep a watch over us. And soon, after he has fully woken from his millennial slumber, he will rise to reclaim it, and in the doing, will make our flesh into his own, through both the mashing of his jaws, and finer needlework.

Do not gaze directly at it, for any image that carries his gaze becomes yet another of his unblinking eyes, adding to the multitude of blinking eyes he already has, but blinking in a strange unison, so as to make it seem artificial or at the very least, very discomforting.

Via the Toronto Star.
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