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Here, finally, is the trailer for the second Alfred Hitchcock film to be released this year. The first was HBO's The Girl, which stars Toby Jones as the director, and covers his obsessive relationship with Tippi Hedron. Hitchcock is a theatrical release starring Anthony Hopkins as the director, and Helen Mirren as his wife. This film covers the director's effort to make Psycho.

I'll see both, and reserve judgement and comparison until then. This trailer for Hitchock certainly makes this film seem more of a comedy then a drama, though part of me hopes for a tone closer to the fantastic Churchill biopic The Gathering Storm, which managed to balance the comedy and drama of a similarly larger then life figure. Also, it looks as if this film focuses less on how much of a lecherous horn dog Hitchcock actually was.

After the jump, see the two spectacular posters for this film.

Via First Showing, and again.
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