Had This Happened, It Would Have Sucked

I've never been that upset that Jurassic Park 4 never materialised. While the original film is my favourite movie, Lost World: Jurassic Park isn't really a Jurassic Park movie (ask me about that later, I'm busy now), and Jurassic Park 3 was simply average, and that made it all the more depressing. So, a fourth film has never been high on my priority list.

And then I saw these. The basic idea was, the fourth film would focus on further genetic mutations of the dinosaurs. Jack Horner's book How To Build A Dinosaur, detailing the possibilities of turning off certain genes to turn a chicken into a dinosaur, was originally meant to be a companion to the film. These images  are apparently concept art and made to pitch the concept to Amblin. Done by Carlos Huante, they are made to represent a dinosaur/human hybrid that one of the script drafts by John Sayles and William Monahan contained. 

To say that they are horrible is a massive understatement. According to Huante, as soon as Amblin executives caught sight of them, they killed the whole project immediately, which I think we can all agree was the best decision anyone in Hollywood has made, ever. A move in this sort of utterly nonsensical direction would have doomed the franchise to a direct to DVD, bargain bin after a month future, just like Hellraiser.

While insisting on making a fourth film at the least prevents them from rebooting the franchise, can we at least all agree that making an intelligent film wherein dinosaurs eat people is an idea that doesn't need any punching up, especially with this sort of absolute stupidity.

Hit the jump to see the other pictures, including what this horrible thing looks like below the waist. I mean it's feet, not anything dirty.

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